After depilation with natural wax we use the Propil System from COLLIN.
Application of the Propil Gel which will penetrate into the hair follicle and selectively attack the root of the hair.
The hair will gradually atrophy and regrowth of the hair will be inhibited.

Full leg 30min $60
Full leg and Bikini 40 min $70
Full leg, Bikini and underarms 50min $80
1/2 leg 20min $40
1/2 leg and Bikini 25min $50
1/2 leg, Bikini and underarm 30min $60
3/4 leg 30min $50
Underarm 10min $15
Bikini 10min $20
Brazilian 15-20min $50
Creative Brazilian 30 min $60
1/2 arm 15min $20
Full arm 30min $30
Lip or chin 10min $15
Lip and chin 15min $25
Chest 30min $50
Back 30min $55