Eye Care

This is used to accentuate the eyes; lashes will appear darker and glossier, lasting 4 to 6 weeks.

Eyelash tint $15
Eyebrow tint $10
Eyelash and eyebrow tint $20
Eyebrow tint and tidy $20
Eyebrow shape/or wax $10
Eyelash tint + eyebrow tint + tidy $30

Eyebrow tint with Henna  $30

Brow tint with Henna is chemical-free alternative to brow tinting with both hair and skin staining power.

LASH LIFT (Lamination)
A hygienic and safe way to give your straight eyelashes a beautiful looking curl, which enhances the eye, making it look larger.
It will last up to 3 months.  $60
With eyelash tint.  $70


This procedure is almost like Lash Lift for eyebrows. The best way is to do the brow tint as well for a bolder enhanced look.  $50

with brow tint.  $60