Magiray We would like to introduce to you a new range of the skin care in our clinic Magiray.

The series of cosmetic products "Magiray" has been developed and manufactured since 1995 on the basis of  "Israderm" - a cosmetic laboratory specializing in professional cosmetics since 1983. Moreover, at present "Magiray" company collaborates in developing its products with some leading professional laboratories, situated in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, France and the United States.
Successful and steady advancement of "Magiray" company is ensured by the observance of the principle "S + T" (science + traditions). This means, that the science must always take into account traditions and traditions must be scientifically grounded.
Active ingredients (more than 80), that are used in "Magiray" products, are: extracts and oils of vegetable and marine origin, the Dead Sea products, apiculture products, fruit acids, vitamins. Great attention is paid to minimization of using components that are "unfriendly" for the skin, such as synthetic preservatives, fragrances and surfactants.
The classic mass consumer "Magiray" series is developed for individual use at home as a continuation of care, received in professional beauty salons. The range of products reflects the whole of modern world achievements of cosmetic industry for developing effective, most natural cosmetics.
The products are certified by the Institute of Quality Control and Standardization - ISO-2000 and correspond to the standards of the European Community and the USA for such kind of products.

Treatments from Magiray

Essential facial
That is just what your skin needs at the moment. You will receive everything from cleansing to mask for your individual skin type including very sensitive.
1hr - $65

Collagen treatment
The unique intensive treatment for the face and neck skin. Hyaluronic acid and sea collagen perfectly moisten the skin and ensure its moistening for a long period of time. Vitamins A, E and ceramides are locked in unispheres thus preserving their full activity at the moment of their applying to the skin. Extracts of caviar contain all the necessary components for skin nourishing. Healing herbs energize the skin and stimulate its protective functions.
1hr 15min - $110

Algomask treatment
Active plastifying mask especially developed for more effective cosmetologic care. The mask contains a complex of natural algae, rich in minerals, trace elements and various vitamins that provide quick and impressive effect: exfoliation, moistening, stimulation of intercellular metabolism, smoothing the skin, reducing puffiness, restoration of face oval. The mask raises activity of other preparations depending on the purpose of programmed care.
1hr - $75
Lifting treatment
Intensively moistens and smoothes the skin. Actively restores the skin cells structure. Possesses optimal lifting effect. The treatment is also used for rehabilitation after plastic surgery and deep peeling. For all skin types.
1hr - $80

Purifying treatment
This treatment especially intended for oily problem skin.
Possesses antiseptic and healing effect. Seppicontrol ® regulates the activity of sebaceous glands. Coenzyme Q10 is encapsulated into spheres that are bursting during light massage, thus inculcating into the skin with maximal activity. Especially selected complex of herbs extracts possesses antiseptic effect, reduces inflammation and irritation and stimulates the skin cells renewal
30min -$30
1hr -$70
With extraction - $80

Calming treatment
For delicate couperose skin. Strengthens and tones up capillary walls. Improves the skin turgor. Calms irritated skin.
1hr -$75

Glycocare treatment
Cautiously exfoliates dead cells, promotes renewal of skin cells and as a result wrinkles become less visible. The preparation is enriched with moisturizing vegetable substances that clear pigment spots. The texture of oily porous skin is improved. Recommended for all skin types. For oily problem skin and also for fading dry skin may serve as a biological peeling. Finishing with the mask for your skin type.
1hr - $75

Eye care
This treatment developed for intensive moisturizing & lifting care of eye contour area. Prevents the skin from early aging, stimulates the process of cellular regeneration and reduces puffiness.
40min - $40

Magiray whitening
Treatment for intensive skin lightening and regeneration is a new development of the Swiss scientific centre of bio-cosmetology. A rich complex of active ingredients ensures the skin even texture and natural tone.
1hr - $80